International Searchable Art Gallery

The National Gallery of Art houses one of the finest collections in the world illustrating major achievements in painting, sculpture, decorative arts, and works on paper from the Middle Ages to the present. Records on all of the more than 110,000 objects and images of more than 6,000 objects in the collection are available online. Search the entire collection by specific artist, title, or a combination of criteria.

enuf said..:) njoy! Very useful for those who really want to dig up the ART resources.

image copyrigted to BENGAL - The best place i ever hang around to see more and more very pro artist gathering there! and the Forums are very happening. Also got large portfolio of known artist - pro and amateur. Go and enjoy by yourself. :) its worth to join the forums!


This i really great! Media Converter and its done totally online!
it says; 100% free, online file conversion no installation, no virus and spywares and also ; Media-Convert is 100% free. No software is needed, and you don't have to register. You only need your favorite Internet browser. Your files are ready 7/7 days 24/24 hours. Sounds very convincing ! so why wait? give them a try! but to check whether there is no virus and spywares or not please scan your pc by yourself just for cautions! just in case...:)

Its already be like our mobile converter...but bare in mind about the quality because conversion online is also like tranfering data online, many said that the data will be loss in some degrees but it depends on what medium you want to use that media/medium you convert...

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The One Million Masterpiece!

The One Million Masterpiece! - hmmm..seems like Alex Tiew's milliondollarhomepage fever still on!

Anyway its a brilliant idea! Check by yourself about this campaign. its for charity. You are among to make history to be in one of a million artist to 'stick' there if you contribute...:)

Join Now! Be a record breaker.
You don't have to be able to draw to make your mark on the world’s largest artistic collaboration! By using our online software you can add your scribble, doodle, writing or sketch to the single largest collaborative statement of modern society. You will also be helping to sustain the work of our five international charity partners, who tackle issues that affect our global community on a daily basis. If you need more reason why you should become a member.... - excerpt from the one million masterpiece

What are you waiting for? Join to be one of a million!:)

Op De Beeck won two Titles at NCN Conference

<--caricature of David O'Keefe (Guest Speaker NCN COnvention '06) by Jan Op De Beeck is copyrighted to Jan Op De Beeck.

Congratulations! to Jan Op DeBeeck as he won two 1st prizes at NCN Convention 2006;

- Master of the year and "PORTFOLIO OF THE YEAR"!

Feel very proud about this news as he is the one who really influence my work. I do refer a lot of his artwork when start doing caricature back in 2001.

once again Congratulations!

Send Files/ No limit/ FREE!

This Logo is Copyright © 2003-2006 Layer-Z, Inc. All rights reserved.

i came accross this site when searching for free stuff at tucows. Its usefull for those who facing problems with big file size to transfer. According to their website:

" The old file transfer standard – file transfer protocol or FTP – lacks secure transfer, requires account administration, is difficult to set up, and is complicated to use.
Here is a better way:

Secure. The transfer is 128-bit SSL encrypted from end-to-end. Auto or manual file deletion. Notifications go to a password protected email account.
Economical. No server to maintain. No additional software to keep updated. No employee or customer training expense. Low administrative expense.

Easy to set up. No hardware or software to install. We assist with the set-up.
Simple to use. Sender makes a couple of clicks and the file uploads. We notify the recipient the file is available. The recipient clicks on a couple of links to download the file. The recipicent does not need a SendThisFile® account."
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Flickr! - What?

What a boring Tueday! Still route on the same route everyday...still all the same thing happen ..repeat..again and again..even i m tying very hard to make it different..its still the same..Gossh!:(

For those who feel the same with me, you should stick yorself at Flickr!

ekekeke! Many will lough loud when i said like that because who didnt know about Flickr? What i am trying to say? To introduce Flickr? to whom? i just want to tell this to those who still dont know about Flickr!
Anybody still donno ? And there is nothing to say about Flickr, just login..and Enjoy yourself.

Flickr Booms because we luv to share good thing, to share and complement on each other..and here is the right place - to share the PICTURE all around the world!, Flickr!

till next post. have a nice weekdays.:)

GPix? million dollar homepage?

GPix Software
Familiar with this picture ? if not just take a look at Alex tiew's Million Dollar Homepages!

He make a million bucks just by selling ad base on pixel! And now here is your chance to make a million too! and if not a million..half a million?:)

i saw this ad on one of the most read blog in asia...xiaxue. Now you can grab the software for free! included the instructions to install on the server! Don't read this till the end. Go get the software now! while its still available for FREE!

and for those who love tutorials i suggest you bookmarks this site to add into your tutorial sites collections. Tons of tutorial included anything that relate to computer, net and legal writup! go check by yourself -

Till next post...have a nice weekdays! Hope can make a thousand bucks if not a million!:)

PinUp Photo Blog

I m browsing thru Blinklist looking for the new cool site in blinklist. This is what i think is cool to bookmark. Nice photo blog of Pinup. Its a classic pinup!
you can browse it thru Pinup Art at UOL Photo Blog.

And for those who still want to see more about classic american pinup..then you can check Great American Pinup. Among exhibit artist on that site was Rolf Armstrong, Joyce Ballantyne, Al Buell, Edward D'Ancona, Billy DeVorss, Peter Driben, Harry Ekman, Gil Elvgren, Art Frahm, Pearl Frush, Greg Hildebrandt, Hubert De Lartigue, Raymond Lobato, Earl MacPherson, William MedCalf, Earl Moran, Zoe Mozert, Walt Otto, George Petty, Mel Ramos, Edward Runci, Haddon Sundblom, Alberto Vargas andFritz Willis.

All are the big names in American pinup painting. Browse by yourself.:) Till next post, enjoy your weekend!

Human body pose reference

Human Photo References.
a very good site for human photo reference:

subscribers only need to pay a very minimal fees to entittled full access to the stock images.

Paul Fedor
Lead Texture Artist Playstation Cinematics
Lead Texure Artist Next-Gen Research and Development Team
Commercial and Music Video Director

"Whether you work at Dreamworks or Playstation....3D.SK and their constantly expanding image library is essential to your texture pipe. Peter Levius and 3D.SK have been working closely with Playstation....developing diversity and resloution possibilities for Playstation's goal......achieving an exceptional photorealism for PS3, Next Generation, and beyond. Whether you need an eyebrow for a villian, a meat texture for a mouth sack, or a medevil armor for a knight....3D.SK has thought of it and photographed it.....Peter even takes custom photoshoots.

Whether you are Steve Geisler or Paul Campion or a Gnomon student just starting out......3D.SK is absolutely essential.

A big Thank You from the Playstation Family....your websites are truly visionary."

Till next post...enjoy your weekend!:)

My References?

this is my personal references blog as i browse thru soo many references website on net. i think its good for me to record write about it. just for my regerences...but also if anybody out there intersted? lets share!

its all about drawing + sketching and about internet; how to promote and sell artwork. :)