'REAL' painting of Alyssa Monks

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- if look for first glance - i thought this is a photo! - thats how to describe works of Alyssa Monks. see more of her inspiring works through her portfolio page. Alyssa Monks.

José Luis Ágreda - simplified line but complicated in contents!

i really luv this kind of style - simple but yet very strong! - how to achieve that? i believe it could achieved by years of practice - without bored ...the works of Spanish illustrator/cartoonist José Luis Ágreda is so inspiring! thanks a lot to him! :) see his artworks on his FLICKR or through his BLOG.

Jorghe Gonzalez

i love his style - such endless inspiring - line with no dot - no boundary - flow just like that - his style - simple - clean (what?) - i mean simplified - loose - relax - strong poser - ..already got no words to describe his stylr more. catch by yourself! Jorghe Gonzalez

R.I.P - Frank Frazetta, 1928 – 2010

image copyright remain to the respective owner

world mourn as the great artist Frank Frazetta passed away...............you are immortal with all great ART you left behind.

Superb of Jason Seiler

Artworks of Jason Seiler is superb -details was amazing - uncompromise - i see a lot of his step by step and realised that he is the master - manual or digital! :) - inspiring works! see his artwork on his Blog or wherever - just google it! Here is the ist of 60 of his awesome artworks!