Inkwash portrait. A4 - A3 at 300dpi. just pay USD 3 only. Ready within 24hours.
Just email your big clear pix and you got back this style of portrait in 24 hours! :)
Get your PORTRAIT Here!

LIMBOLO-Digital Artist - TRON Legacy Anime

Digital Artist LIMBOLO - man behind TRON the animated series - Limbolo Artworks on his BLOG.

The ART of Derek Stenning

Blog of Derek Stenning - The Concrete Jungle - Display the Artworks of Drek Stenning . Awesome ! Jawbreaking pieces! - see by yoursel! - Derek Stenning

THE REALIST - By Asaf Hanuka

The Realist - online comic - By Asaf Hanuka :)


Aline is a Master Pastelist with the Pastel Society of America and a signature member of the American Impressionist Society....ALINE ORDMAN


Achile works appear on many publications worldwide...no need to introduce to caricature and illustrations world. everything smooth - perfect! - clean dynamic style. look at the details of his works!:) - Enjoy by yourself!:) - Achille Superbi.



WORKS bt Betteo! - look at his style - so very dynamic style with srong stroke and smooth nice palette selection - See and enjoy by yourself! Betteo blog.

'REAL' painting of Alyssa Monks

artworks copyrught remain to the respective owner.

- if look for first glance - i thought this is a photo! - thats how to describe works of Alyssa Monks. see more of her inspiring works through her portfolio page. Alyssa Monks.

José Luis Ágreda - simplified line but complicated in contents!

i really luv this kind of style - simple but yet very strong! - how to achieve that? i believe it could achieved by years of practice - without bored ...the works of Spanish illustrator/cartoonist José Luis Ágreda is so inspiring! thanks a lot to him! :) see his artworks on his FLICKR or through his BLOG.

Jorghe Gonzalez

i love his style - such endless inspiring - line with no dot - no boundary - flow just like that - his style - simple - clean (what?) - i mean simplified - loose - relax - strong poser - ..already got no words to describe his stylr more. catch by yourself! Jorghe Gonzalez

R.I.P - Frank Frazetta, 1928 – 2010

image copyright remain to the respective owner

world mourn as the great artist Frank Frazetta passed away...............you are immortal with all great ART you left behind.

Superb of Jason Seiler

Artworks of Jason Seiler is superb -details was amazing - uncompromise - i see a lot of his step by step and realised that he is the master - manual or digital! :) - inspiring works! see his artwork on his Blog or wherever - just google it! Here is the ist of 60 of his awesome artworks!

the painting of Xiangyuan Jie

the painting of Xiangyan Jie - and the color mixing just so natural - and the splattered paint is just so nice - perfectly on its place - its just not a kind of painting - its a story telling on canvas! inspiring - really! see by yourself! Xiangyuan Jie

Grand Central Academy of ART

Sean, 15"x18",oil on panel, by Graydon Parrish 2009-Copyrigt remains to their respective owner.

Grand Central Academy of ART - The Grand Central Academy of Art - created by professional, exhibiting artists to offer classical training to serious students. The Academy offers a positive environment for classical instruction in drawing and painting. - excerpt from their blog.
Grand Central Academy of ART - worth a visit!


SUPERB BLACK/ WHITE - by shohei otomo- look at the toning - the lighting and the details. more of his works here...enjoy!

ANNE P. SMITH - iron, robot, sculpture?

(copyright remain to their respective owner)

Anne P. smith artwork - sculptor; Portland, Oregon - A lot of Robot sculpting - wire - fuse - plug - small pin - all very inspiring - creative . See by yourself. Anne P. Smith

BURSTOID - graphic, illustrations, photo...etc...

(Artwork of Andy Kehoe - all copyrights remain to their respective owner.)

BURSTOID  - " We like to think of ourselves as just a fun design magazine with a love for eye-catching, thought-provoking work."

- enjoy a cool srtistic hub! - www.burstoid.com

Alex Kanevsky

progressive - it's alive! - aggressive brush - stimulated brush fry style! :) 

Alex Kanevsky - see and enjoy by yourself! 

Jeremy Geddes = Tercabut Gigi Geraham ku!

*picture for promo use only. All copyrights remain to their respective owner.

jeremy geddes art. smooth concept - detail painting - pull out my 'gigi geraham!"

see all by yourself! - walking inspirations! - Jeremy Geddes

Nathan Fowkes

black and white to brilliants color brush bruisingly freely style of nathan fowkes...never ending inspirations story of color and lines - visit nathan fowkes.

my editorial cartons!

Nathan Fowkes

BEN MAURO! - see the vehicles..the machines..the...

 (images display are copyrighted to their respective owner)

this is another very inspiration site with lots of incredibly beautifully amazingly done - it's a master for every piece! breakand bleed my jaw! - see by yourself!

Ben Mauro portfolio


wesley burt artworks - wesleyburt.com
beautifully painting style - pop - contemporary - movements cleverly captured with dramatic - cleverly mix of paint - see by yourself - very inspirational artist.

Ian francis - Collage Superb Works!

Ian Francis - feel like dont want to move anywhere when you start to stare on his artworks! superb collage, mix media - traditional and computer mix! - very clever mix of main color. see by yourself! Enjoy!

Alberto Vasquez

Alberto Vasquez artworks stand uniquely by his own naive style. with minimal lines - simple stroke - minimal colors - he describe everythings clearly! 

Works of Russ Mills

works of Russ Mills - full of exploded lines and splatted colors - mix of illustration and digital collage - a real mass of ink and paint.

The AOI.com

The AOI is another promoting port for artist. gathering of many brilliants artist! Great for browse..for references - for inspirations!
THE AOI - a place that you should'nt missed!

The Artworks of Ray Ceasar

wonderfull world of Ray Ceasar. cant realize its painting..thought its sculpture...see by yourself! describe by yourself!

ZARA - Blog of Artist name ZARA

variety artworks of Zara. can browse by yourself. the artworks - color - stroke - cleverly blended! Enjoy yourself!

EMPTY Magazine

images copyrighted remain to respective owner.
Empty magazine ?
-EMPTY is a magazine about creativity, in all its forms. It's really that simple. It's published 4 times a year.
-EMPTY is lovingly produced, designed and published by the good folk at Design is Kinky.
-base in Sydney (Australia, not Texas). The magazine is distributed throughout newsagents and specialist bookstores in Australia.