The AOI is another promoting port for artist. gathering of many brilliants artist! Great for browse..for references - for inspirations!
THE AOI - a place that you should'nt missed!

The Artworks of Ray Ceasar

wonderfull world of Ray Ceasar. cant realize its painting..thought its sculpture...see by yourself! describe by yourself!

ZARA - Blog of Artist name ZARA

variety artworks of Zara. can browse by yourself. the artworks - color - stroke - cleverly blended! Enjoy yourself!

EMPTY Magazine

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Empty magazine ?
-EMPTY is a magazine about creativity, in all its forms. It's really that simple. It's published 4 times a year.
-EMPTY is lovingly produced, designed and published by the good folk at Design is Kinky.
-base in Sydney (Australia, not Texas). The magazine is distributed throughout newsagents and specialist bookstores in Australia.